The ARES 2018 conference in April will once again offer doctoral students the opportunity to present their work. We welcome all doctoral student applications but there will be a screening process. Applications must be made before December 1, 2017. Please click here to apply. The doctoral program director, Dr. Elaine Worzala ( , will let you know by December 15, 2017, if you will be asked to participate in the meetings. Decisions will be made based on the timing of the application and where you are in the process of your dissertation.

We are encouraging all students to stay at the conference facilities to maximize their exposure to the meetings and the attendees. The James R. Webb ARES Foundation will provide up to $1,250 for doctoral students from North America and $550 for international students. The North American students will need to provide actual receipts for all reimbursable expenses (airfare, hotel, food, cabs) and will be reimbursed for up to 90% of these expenses after the meetings. International students will be reimbursed at the meetings and will be required to show their passports to receive their travel stipend. In addition to the travel support, you will also have your meeting registration waived as well as receive a one year membership to ARES. We hope you will encourage your doctoral students to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

To save funds you might want to consider sharing a room. Dr. Worzala will post a list of the other doctoral candidates after January 15, 2018.